DCube Challenge

Dcube would like to award the best blockchain projects running on Dcore! Join our incubation program and get 100.000 DCT!How is it possible? Here are the conditions:
1. Provide a Proof of concept: determine if your blockchain idea can be built in the real world. The Proof of Concept consits of:
Prove the Need: it only makes sense to put time and money into building a product if people really need it. Interview the potential users and you will have a list of specific needs and goals that the software should solve. Map pain points to solutions and get feedback: it involves brainstorming way to solve each of the pain points you identified in the first step. You will evaluate each possible solution to determine how it stacks up in reference to cost, competition, timeline and technology challenges. Go back to the users and ask for their feedback.
Prototype your solution and test: create a prototype which has the expected features set and UI/UX. Create a minimum viable product: you should have a fully-functional solution that you can put out into the world for use Design a Roadmap: create a roadmpa that describes what you have learned and outlines a recommended steb by step process for building the product
2. The project must running on the Dcore (blockchain protocol)
3. Have a business plan (products/service describe, team introduction, market analysis, competitors, marketing strategy, sales strategy,financial forecasts)
4. Short presentation
5. Establishment of legal entity to which a prize will be awarded